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Net neutrality itself is actually rather easy to detect. There’s many tools online that do that, by testing a direct connection and a routed connection and see if they match in speed.

As for internet speed false advertising and All-round throttling, depends on how the law is put in place. Like in my country it’s something like providers need to be able to provide x% of the advertised speeds y% of the time, so if I get suspicious I can easily write a script that automatically measures and logs the speed an intervals through a time period. There’s probably also many tools online that can do that too.

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I wouldn’t say it’s how they set up their network, since under the original rules the FCC ruled that they were not allowed to throttle emergency service. It might be out of the scope of regular customer service that handled the email on that day, but based on the court filings this issue has been going on for two months.

So unless the completely changed their networks in the few months since the repeal.

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Even light throttling might not be such a big problem. One of the big issues is that is was down to basically dial-up era speeds. So anything that wasn’t specifically designed to handle such low speeds nowadays would simply time out. And for real time data the lag between them would be too great.

So like the other people said the cloud computing system simply wouldn’t be able to load anything. Nor would any command and coordinate systems.

For reference how slow dial up is on modern day centric internet design, when we came home from abroad, our home had kept the landline, but we cut out the internet. (Minimum monthly fee for landline is relatively cheap, was gone for over two years). The internet was due to start until the next day, but we had some stuff to do on with our bank on the internet. Tried loading up the bank’s home page on dial up, left for half an hour, and came up with the page maybe half loaded? Enough to see the login screen. Then waited another hour to get into the personal portal. Then we realized it was more complicated and gave up, went into the city in search of free WiFi.

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Hey there.

I saw your original post and downloaded the app to test back then. However, it just didn’t work “intuitively”, and lacked a lot of features that I would have needed.

I just downloaded it now, and gotta say, I am liking the new stuff you’ve guys added over the few months, really impressive. But unfortunately I have to say there are still a lot of very basic features and QoL stuff that is missing. I do feel like that if you want attract stay customers, you want work on the basic stuff first.

I’ve been through your GitHub issues. All the feature issues you’ve put in are certainly ones that would make your app “useful”, “stand out”. They are stuff that makes me want to try the app, but they aren’t strong enough to keep me around.

A few very basic things.

Creating a new tasks in projects. If I didn’t enter anything, the task should just disappear, not stay as an empty task that serves no purpose.

No settings page, for stuff like adding tags, change my name, change my password... There’s only one place I found that you can use to modify tags, but you can use them in multiple places with similar UI. If that’s the case, that one place should be on the settings page, not a specific instance of a task create.

Buttons are still way too small. I file this issue back then, you certainly made detection box margin larger since then (back then the box was smaller than the image for some buttons), but I’m still have way too much difficulty precisely pressing them.

Too little confirmation of actions, or an undo button. If I press the delete on a project. Everything is gone, pooof, and something i would have been doing for a while non existent. Either a confirmation dialog to delete, or a quick undo button. Same with other actions. Check box a task in projects. It disappears too, also increments the project progress, maybe I’m too dumb, but I don’t see a way of looking at “completed” tasks in projects to manually uncheck them even.

These are just some issues that I would say are “frustrating”, and definitely a very quick turn off for users, and I would say are certainly much more important things to fix that flashy features.

As a software engineering, and a generally tech savvy person, I normally feel like I have a good benchmark of if something is a bad design. If I can’t intuitively understand something, can’t easily figure something out, a lot of the times, regular users will have an even harder time. One thing I’ve personally done for writing software is have people that are not familiar with your program to test things out. The more casual users the better ( of course not tech illiterate people), good candidates would be your classmates, significant others, that are not in the software dev fields. If they can’t figure out something, don’t teach them, rework your program to make it so it works how they expect it to, because that means other people are also going to have the same problems.

Good luck with this, I really hope you guys can make the app work, it has a lot of potential. I’d contribute, but I’m no good at JS to be of any help. Best I can do is submit a localization pull request (which I just did lol). Side note, went through your code, you have very inconsistent localization and hard coded string values. You def want to fix that soon. It’s a really small thing now that will become a big pain in the butt in the future as code grows. Make sure all your strings use localization before you start forgetting them here and there.

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It’s reported that after communications with Verizon indicating that they were emergency services and the throttling was impacting the efforts, Verizon responded that there was nothing they could do except upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Link #1 Paragraph 5 % 9-12

Link #2 Paragraph 7&8

Link #3 Paragraph 6-8

All rather clear indicators that Verizon knew they were firefighters full well.

For those who are too lazy to go through the links, #3 mentions that they had contact Verizon requesting they not throttle critical communication equipments before when throttling occurred through June and July already. All with court filings of the emails.