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Hi Ms Nichols, huge fan!

Do you still hang out with any of your colleagues from Star Trek?

Did you give any words of advice to the terrific Zoe Saldana prior to her taking on the role of Uhura?

Thank you for all that you did and do!

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Did you ever have to deal with an overzealous officer who refused to acknowledge any get-out-of-jail cards or credentials that you may have had, and just took it way too far?

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Sorry to hear that that happened to you.

Before you were "officially" discovered by people of authority, were people around you "unofficially" aware, and if so did they care, and did they support you in any way?

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She gives birth to a daughter and a son for the man

That's a thought-provoking turn-of-phrase... not with the man, but for the man... which is exactly what it was, I suppose...

I know you said you have contact with them, but what emotional connection, if any, do you have or feel with your new brother and sister, and your new niece and nephew?

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I suppose in a way, he would have figured, the less you knew, the better, although I can only imagine that it probably would not have made a difference to the authorities... Thank you for doing this AMA.