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Should euthanasia be limited to the terminally ill? There have been well-publicized cases of non terminal patients using physician assisted suicide. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/14/marc-eddy-verbessem-belgium-euthanasia_n_2472320.html

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I have experience working with the very old and ill. Many of those who give "informed consent" are saying yes to what someone else thinks best. I know of a nursing home where staff will tell residents who to vote for! How do you protect vulnerable populations from inappropriate influences when deciding euthanasia?

I am especially concerned when the next of kin is "advising" euthanasia. In the US, many people's fortune are destroyed by end-of-life care. Inheritors stand a lot to gain by encouraging their relatives to "throw in the towel". http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/32484399.html?ipad=y

How will you prevent inappropriate influence? Home vists? Psychological screening? Will you ask about who the inheritors are? Is there a standard of consent more rigorous than "informed consent"?

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My understanding is that prisoners get assaulted, raped, etc because they get involved in someone else's business. Prisoners who keep to themselves have a much nicer stay.

In other words, people victimized in prison because they keep making the same mistakes that got them sent to prison in the first place.

Is this true?