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EpikYummeh445 karma

Some of the items are really actually interesting to hear the history of. I think the haggling and the repeating plot and the shit some of the guys say sometimes:

> guy comes in

> I have this super mega rare thingy I want $9,001

> idk man I call my expert he tell me

> ok expert say it good I give you $5

> nowai man I say $9,001

> well expert say it not super good condition so ok I do $20

> $4,000?

> $50 high as I go bro

> hnnnnnggggg (pause) okie fine

> yes we scored, that dumb bitch had no idea

> ok well I not get as much as I wanted but I got cash soooo

Edit: reformatted because nobody likes text walls :)

EpikYummeh303 karma

Bill actually had a lot of respect for Steve and his work, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's had one at one point.

EpikYummeh187 karma

WHAT THE FUCK!?! A GTR for 29k? That bastard!

EpikYummeh184 karma

But they have really fast internet! What more could you want?

EpikYummeh127 karma

I was gonna say, if I could get a GTR from a dumbass for $30k I would in a heartbeat.