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The Libertarian Party generally supports the legalization of any voluntary transaction. Each of the things you mention here– examples of victimless crimes– would be generally accepted by most Libertarians.

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reese015, can you help coordinate this? Where might one send a doll?

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Unless the singularity hits when you're about 80 ;) For sure, expect your blog to start showing up on our network!

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A lot of the people posting over here are from /r/futurology and the singularity network, including subreddits like /r/singularity, /r/futurism, /r/imaginarytechnology, /r/space_settlement, etc.

David, if you like it here on Reddit, consider joining us in these networks and adding to the conversation. We'd love the voice of an expert!

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Can you take the bar in Oregon without going to law school? I know you can in California. Have you ever heard of anyone doing this and passing?