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Aren't you obligated, as a matter of Roman canon law, to say Aristotle?

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The facts of Citizens United make a sympathetic free speech case against some campaign finance laws -- an organization was forbidden from releasing a movie about a political candidate because it was too close to the election. How do you propose to ensure robust, universal, protections for political speech while still advocating rules that limit how people spend money during campaigns?

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Greetings from your friends over at /r/OrthodoxChristianity

We get occasional visits from Catholics disgruntled about the Latin Liturgical Wars. I don't have a horse in that particular race, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. My impression is that a lot of the debate is a proxy for deeper political disputes, but again I am an outsider. Why are Roman Catholics still fighting about this >50 years later?

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Some of my favorite clips are from when you and Tom brought your mother on to the show (or when she'd call in and yell at you for smoking cigars). Do you have a favorite story or bit with her that didnt make it on the air?

And sorry for the loss of your brother. He is missed even by strangers.