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Lots of great questions here, mine's feeling a little weak by comparison. But...

What's been your favourite game of the last couple years? I spend enough time reading game reviews from barely literate couch surfers with zero qualifications... it'd be great to hear what someone like you has been playing in all that free time you must have between doctorates and DARPA. :)

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Oh man you must be a bear to come up against in Hearthstone. Ha.

Re livestreaming- I have to believe there’s an audience for a mind like yours streaming on Twitch while you play whatever you’re playing. Obviously the mass audience will always gravitate to the inane but, as I think this AMA is showing, there’s plenty of folk that would love to hear more from the other end of the human intelligence spectrum.

Cheers, and thanks for doing this. This whole thread’s been a great read.

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Thanks for the response. From a complete outsiders perspective it seems like its always going to be enough of a hot button voter issue that its' going to be stuck in a political nowhere forever, but I guess as more states come on board the prohibition folks will have less and less fake news misleading data to rely on.

Happy 4/20/2020!

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Badass! I hadn't heard of this before. Such a simple solution.

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Thanks for doing this! I don't have a specific legal question per se, but given the credentials you all shared in your intro it seems fair to ask - what's your collective take on how far away America is from federal legalization of recreational cannabis use?