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and of course, he gets a ton of head.

"Oh, we'll have to reshoot that... the focus was off"

"Yeah... we'll need to reshoot that one, the er... plant was in the frame"

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wait... the good kidney, or the evil kidney?

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When I saw Mel B's name come up this was the first thing that came to mind. She was a goddam trainwreck on that show and pretty much ruined it for all concerned (including the crowd and viewers), and I thought she'd ruined her TV career by acting rude, crass, and belligerent... I guess she must have a very good agent.

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$8 is just about a pint in a bar :(

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Listen to pounded in the butt my own podcast. It's audio books of tingles work. Fyi it's hardcore gay erotica with flying butts and other assorted lab experiments.