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I just want to say this is by far one of the most fantastic bundles yet. I keep getting more and more impressed with the quality of the bundle while keeping the ability to "pay what you want".

My questions is how the heck are you going to top this? Or even in the short term, what could you possibly add to this bundle a week from now to make it even better? It seems impossible!

EDIT : Followup question that has always plagued me - Do you guys actually lose money by the jerks (OK, maybe they aren't all jerks) people that only give $1?

EnderbyEqualsD42 karma

This is good to know!

And I also feel better that I rarely download the DRM-free version and typically use Steam!

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It feels wrong to admit it, but I agree with you.

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This photo is missing a heart outline and "Best Friends Forever" written in glitter below it.

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I think you mean "previously enjoyed"