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Absolutely! I’ve had a few. I’ll give you one in case someone else ask me something similar and I can use another new one.

A call for a woman walking naked down the railroad tracks. It’s middle of the night and I was asleep when the tone dropped. So I thought I misunderstood it. I asked the other guy and he said that’s what he heard too. We get in the ambulance and start heading towards the street. PD rolls as well and we hear that she is being detained. I thought “a bit extreme for what I assume is someone off their meds” I get there and I see a dog tied up to a tree, she’s naked, and a gun is next to her”

The officer, who is actually a very polite one (oh I know the shit ones) was walking up to her and she lowers the rifle at him. He tackled her and luckily the dog didn’t do anything. After cuffing her he finds a large chunk of wood carved into a gun. She stole the dog from some house she walked by. Said she was sent by god to take care of animals and die today. Luckily no one was really hurt and the dog went back to the owner.

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I love this question since my partner can’t wait any medical or fire shows with me without making snide comments. So I ensure to walk out of the room so they can enjoy it. The only good ones…

Tacoma FD because they concentrate mostly on station life and it’s pretty accurate with that

Rescue Me in parts because it’s just so funny but wildly inaccurate for most of it

Backdraft just to retain horrible movie quotes and see things that would kill you in a second (fighting fire in a chemical factory with no SCBA)

And if you want to see what the job is like for firefighting and battling horrible city management then watch the documentary Burn

Also, check our Stockton fire YouTube page. They absolutely do it best to show what it’s like in a fire. Lots of helmet cam footage from there emergencies.

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We sharpen our own and paint the heads of them. We care for all tools in house except for new extrication spreads, cutters, ram. But, I’m sure some will go out to the manufacturer course soon to be trained in that.

Depends on the shift. It was just burgers/fries tonight but last week on shift was fillets, corn on the cob, southwestern salad, and a potato/ham soup. Not all dinners are great and not all bad. But, most FFs can cook well.

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My training chief would love you. Mega mover (tarp with handles for 6 people and a ton of hustle. Probably use a backboard laying on the stairs to make the stair part easier.

We do have stair chairs with tracks on them but I imagine someone as big as you are thinking wouldn’t fit. Luckily I’ve never had this with the building on fire. I’ve moved many large people down stairs though.

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8 hour smoked ribs sat for hours one time. It was heart breaking. It happens. The busier the house the more it happens.