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We said this above, but we'll say it again:

Focus on the user, and all else will follow.

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Just to make sure there’re no misunderstanding: End-To-End isn’t a service, it’s a Chrome Extension.

Our plan is to make it available in the Chrome Web Store once we feel that it’s had enough time to mature and the community has had enough time to make sure we didn’t overlook anything important.

We take our responsibilities here, particularly to our at-risk users like journalists and human rights workers, very seriously. We won’t release it before we think it’s ready.

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Key management is hard. Doing it well is even harder.

We’re working on it.

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Hey, we signed the announcement for this AMA with the [email protected] key in End-To-End, didn’t we?

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We developed the library within End-To-End to be a high-quality JavaScript crypto implementation for all browsers, not just for Chrome.

Please also see our FAQ at https://code.google.com/p/end-to-end/ for more details.