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He didn't ignore you, says he couldn't find the reply button:


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It seems Scott's has grown a lot since you first started. What's your long term vision look like for the company?

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I always thought, something short term, it would be interesting to see additional notification settings enabled, maybe something like SMS text notifications? I get a flood of emails, and you guys also send a lot so I might miss some from time to time, would be nice if I could enable/disable those text messages.

I'm also sure you guys have looked at destination airport settings, curious to hear if there was any demand behind that, or if there are plans to implement that? I could see users possibly wanting additional alerts if a preferred destination came up as a result. I originally subscribed because I was looking for flights to Paris, and almost missed a deal in between a few numerous Columbia flight discounts.

I found out about your site through Reddit a while ago, and it seems a lot of your base might come from word of mouth referrals. Have you ever thought about adding in an "Invite a friend" option? Something easy to bring additional people on board to the product.

Appreciate you taking the time to come and talk to all of us!

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If you could collect all the dragon balls, what would you wish for?

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Nice! Completely missed this, thanks for sharing!