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Emmerson_Brando4 karma

Great videos Keith. Always enjoy seeing what new in your forest.

Do you have any background in microbiology or soil science? Or do you just read a lot of books on it?

How long have you been doing permaculture stuff? I guess what I’m asking is have you always had a garden? What was your upbringing like?

Emmerson_Brando3 karma

Thanks for the sources. I will check them out. I’ve been listening to “The Permaculture Podcast” https://www.thepermaculturepodcast.com and watching your and verge permaculture videos.

I only got in to permaculture this year and only because of covid. I have been immersing myself in learning as much as I can to slowly transform my yard to be more of a permaculture paradise with self sustaining fruit and veg. Luckily, I’ve sort of been doing this for years but didn’t know it.