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I'm so glad to have found this! Can't wait to check out your work!

Question: Poe has been lambasted for marrying his younger cousin, among other things. What are some of the big 'Poe Facts' that you feel misrepresent him?

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Saving this to keep working on in therapy because this is my exact issue. We're working on self-trust.

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It's really fascinating seeing things through a historical lens like this! If he was after young girls, we would've seen that consistently. All in all he seemed like a depressed, troubled, but incredibly creative and intelligent guy.

What about little known topics? What's something you've found out that took you totally by surprise?

Thank you!!

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I plan on reading the article after work, so I apologize if these have already been addressed at all.

Orlando has an issue with the whole Disney slowly but surely buying up all the things, similar (but maybe not exact) the way that CoS is doing it. Do the Clearwater locals look at this the same way. Disney's obvious in why they purchase: It's Disney, they're expanding parks and building hotels and what have you.

So I guess my question is: Disney is pretty clear in their real estate buying. CoS is not. Is it possible (obviously just a theory, but didn't know if you were looking down this more closely) that these are money dumps to protect the church against the impending lawsuits that are gaining traction? I feel like the only way CoS can get shoved back is if the locals start demanding more and pushing back more. I sound like a conspiracy nut sorry lol But one of the council members said that they weren't doing anything illegal, but what I saw pointed out was that these are vacant properties that are not being developed, par for the course with them.

Secondly: Miami IIRC passed law that real estate could no longer be bought with cash (I think it was Miami, and it was in response to the money laundering). Is this something that Clearwater can do?