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I have a success story for you. My sister was on a work study program at her school to become a dental hygenist. She was raising two kids after divorce and back in school to try to make a better life. She accepted food stamps for her time in school and fed her kids with them. She could not have done it without assistance. She has since held a job continuously and paid her taxes regularly. She makes a good wage because of her ability to get some help when she needed it.

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Honestly, I'm a little obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch.

It's okay. We all are.

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20 Years ago hallucinogenics were my drug of choice. With proper preparation: a place, a partner, a plan of play and no work the next day, I and my mates always had a lovely time. I credit my experience especially with Mushrooms with opening my mind to the interconnectedness of humanity. It made me a more compassionate person I think. I credit my LSD use with allowing me to re-qualify past events so that they took on a more objective and less emotional base in my mind. I was able to psychologically distance myself from some negative influences from my child hood. I resent the resistance to using these tools to help the soft science of psychology make in roads with PTSD and depression. Like anything that changes a person, controls must be put in place. What do you see as the most important control factor in your studies?

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How about PugHusher, just to be safe.

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What was the worst moment? What was the best?