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My local provider released a list of other organisms they’ve been finding in their tests that cause similar symptoms. I thought it was really interesting : human metapneumoninae, moraxella catarrhales, klebsiella pneumoninae, other strains of coronavirus, influenza B

The point is there are many organisms that can cause serious symptoms, so I think people shouldn’t assume they are immune. I had the flu in February too with severe symptoms the exact same as this coronavirus but I did test positive for influenza A. If they weren’t tested for the flu, it’s most likely that’s what they had otherwise we would’ve seen tons more severe disease before now.

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I have two questions!

  1. Can people be allergic to food and only get a symptom like a stomach ache/nausea?
  2. As someone who suffers from debilitating environmental allergies -- do any of these food allergy treatments translate to other allergic reactions as well? I am on shots and the typical meds, but I still get some pretty severe reactions from spring-fall. It's just a hope that someone is working on making my life less miserable, lol.

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And nobody has immunity yet. With some of the flu strains, people are already immune, and yes the vaccine helps a lot too!

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Hello! I work at a community mental health center. What can we do to help support our communities? Are people asking for any specific resources or services? I’d love to hear from others on what we can provide to help in this time of crisis. I’m very new to this position and this clinic so I’d love it if you had some ideas that I could share with my staff!