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Em3rgency2008 karma

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am an atheist who enjoys discussions with religious people!

I grew up in a family where both of my grandmothers are fanatically religious, though of different catholic denominations. And they were both trying to show me "the true way" as I was growing up. I love them both dearly. However, as a result of their teachings, I ended up questioning religion in general. As an adult I've read the bible and came to the conclusion that although it has good moral guidance on some issues, it does not show itself as being a "word of God" or having any divine inspiration and I am now atheist because of this realization.

How do you reconcile the fact that the bible prohibits so many things that society and devout Christians consider to be allowed, because the times have changed, or whatever other reason. How can humans decide against anything that a supposedly divine text proclaims? Surely in this situation, either the bible is not of God or the people are not true Christians. Would that mean that only fringe zealots are the true Christians?

Em3rgency788 karma

Thank you for your reply!

If I understand you correctly, wouldn't this mean that different people could come up with different interpretations of those patterns, themes and trajectories? Is that not exactly what IS happening over and over?

If then two people, who both wholeheartedly wish to serve God, but have different or even objecting views of the teachings, then just have to hope and pray theirs is the correct view?

I would even argue that someone could commit objectively evil deeds but still believe they are doing the Gods will with all their heart. Would that person be damned or not?

Is the importance in believing you are doing the right thing or actually doing the right thing? And how can anyone do that if there are thousands upon thousands of interpretations of the right thing, without going mad?