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Hi David! You are my favorite!

I saw you read an excerpt from 50 Shades of Grey recently and, frankly, it made that book an awful lot better. Any chance an audio book with you narrating is in the works? If so, I will give the series another go.

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Just wanted to say thanks for your work. Have you read "Eating Animals"? I thought it was a good assessment of the issues with factory farming and the opportunity to do better. Based on your bio, I'm sure you don't think killing any animals is the best idea, but what are your thoughts on places like Niemam Ranch (I believe) which has more of a humane, non-factory set-up like we teach kids a farm should be (pastures, fencing etc) and they have much more humane slaughter practices. Thanks!

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I just love you. I've been enjoying Mascara and Chapstick a lot. I guess I have to ask a question. How's your head?