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Try buying a few different reagents that will react with known chemicals to be put on blotter and in liquid. That way if it turns out to not be a lysergic derivative( what elrich will tell you) you can identify what chemical it is. This can be very helpful too if you find yourself in an environment where someone may be having a bad reaction to a unknown chemical. With these tests and a sample you'll be able to identify the substance far quicker than a medical professional. Which could easily save someones life.

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How did you make enough money to be pissed off in Brooklyn about a chicken bone then quit your job to pick up trash/ live in the Bay Area and put it on a spreadsheet?

Also, was it shocking to you when you got to the bay that a chicken bone is the least of biological worries when it comes to what's on those streets?

Can we see the link to your top post in pics?

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Borax you're on point once again.

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Figure out the homeless problem.

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The sad truth is there is much much more 25 i out there than LSD. Know and trust your source and still always reagent test. You're the only one who can be truly vigilant on what goes in your body.