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Thank you Mr. Romero for work you and the ACLU do.

Have there been any cases in which you personally disagreed with a person/group but you fought for their cause anyway? Thank you.

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About this inebriated thing and I guess supplies in general. In another comment you talked about the supply ship, so do you put in your order ahead of time and you pay to have stuff delivered to you or is there a commissary in your outpost?

A few other general q's:

How far away from other stations are you? Is it possible to visit back and forth?

Do you ever get cain fever? Ever see anyone freak out because of the isolation?

thanks and thanks for doing this AMA.

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I just do more environmental work...

Thanks for doing this AMA. A few questions:

  1. In one article I read about the current possible transmission, it mentioned that surgical instruments are typically destroyed if they are thought to be contaminated by a prion. Why wouldn't the normal sterilization techniques denature the prions and make them non-infectious?

  2. What kind of prions do you work with and what have you found about their viability living outside of a host?

  3. What's your dissertation on and what are your career prospects when you finish?

Thanks again.