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What's your advice for first-time sellers?

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How long have you managed this Flea market? If it's been awhile, over that time have you seen a shift in demographics of buyers or sellers? Do you see any new trends in buyer or seller demographics?

I ask because when I think of Flea markets, I imagine middle aged men browsing through neon beer signs and rusting tools and recent immigrants selling bootleg dvds and cheap plastic stuff from China. I'd be interested in running a booth selling used kid's items (not collectible/ vintage stuff), but I'm not sure the right buyers come through.

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How do you feel about the plan to allow offshore drilling in the Arctic Sea? In early 2012 I had a temp job where I read and organized the comments from villagers in places like Barrow about how an oil spill would ruin their way of life. I didn't have any authority to stop the plan to open the Arctic Ocean up for drilling, but I did everything in my power to make sure that the US government had to read and respond to comments from the Inupiat who took time to speak at public meetings or send in letters. It still haunts me that I couldn't do more to stop the planned drilling.