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You are an inspiration! My ex sexually assaulted me and abused me in all forms for almost a year, I told my mother a few months ago. I've talked to a detective and I am seeing a counselor who is very helpful and actually believes me unlike many others, including my psychiatrist. I finally got a restraining order against him, I'm getting moved to another high school (freshly out of middle school and am heading into grade ten). I'm glad to be away from him. I have a question for you though; how do you deal with relapses, like you're re living it? Sometimes small triggers like laying a certain way will take me back. Thanks for your time and AMA, it feels nice to know that I'm not alone. I can take comfort in knowing that even though I told later I wasn't alone to do so, like others make it seem.

Ellaberintodelfauno2 karma

Thank you, once again c: