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ElectrikDave3 karma

Hey before my question I want to share a story. I used to rock your shirts back on tour in like 2008, and I ran into you again in 2018 at TwitchCon and you gave me three different bracelets, one each day, and I’ve worn them since. I want to let you know that I was prepared to commit suicide around that time and contemplating the “You Belong Here” message literally saved my life. Something as minor as a bracelet (ok three bracelets) really helped, and I am so thankful that you’re still keeping the mission alive. Thanks for saving my life.

So my question is, do you still sponsor tours or provide tour support for artists? I discovered you from the rock scene but I don’t see the connection to the music scene anymore, and I think it’s a space where TWLOHA can really reach a lot of people going through some stuff.

ElectrikDave1 karma

Oh so cool! Never heard of Heavy and Light before but I’m so glad you’re doing all of that cool stuff. Thanks for it and keep it up. And lmk if I can help.