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"Fisty first dates" with Adam Handler

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Hello, thanks for doing this.

Are you familiar with "loot boxes" in video games? I feel like the topics of a lot of your papers would fit right into why consumers/businesses use loot boxes. How does a loot box mechanic differ from gambling and should it be treated the same? (Regulation, age restriction, etc)

If they are the same, how do you feel about video games including a loot box mechanic?

Sticking with gambling parallels, what are your thoughts on video game companies targeting "whales" given that gamers can be any age nowadays?

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Hello thanks for your service and doing this. Did you ever hear/see any ocean wildlife down there? Any whales/dolphins or a giant kraken? Maybe a talking clownfish looking for their son?

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I used to work with algae; how viable would it be to grow in space? I always imagined a deployable cylindrical spacecraft (spacefarm) with as much "glass" as possible to allow sunlight through to the algae... Kinda like a bank tube but with an inner cylinder for reaction wheels, etc to allow rotation/orientation. The rotation can mimic the ideal light cycle for whatever species you're growing. Face towards sun for x hours, away for y... The side/tank facing away from the sun would probably freeze but algae can be frozen and thawed and still be viable. One frozen side and one liquid side might make for funky maneuvering but could maybe provide thermal regulation too. How are PAR values affected by the thickness of "glass" that is needed for space vehicles? Would it be more efficient to collect energy from the sun via solar panels and then use engineered lights?

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I have over 1000 hours in Kerbal space program. I've saved Kerbin from class E asteroids. Are you hiring?