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When, damn you?! WHEN?!? Ireallyreallywantit

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Not gonna lie....cried like a bitch.

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Are you gonna go back to the tig ole' biddies, or downgrade a bit? Maybe that's a bit brash, but as a guy, I can't really wrap my head around what it's like to lose boobs. I know, logically, on some personal level it has to be depressing to lose them, but then I try to think what the bright side could be, and now you can have any kind of boobies you want!

Huge boobies, itty bitty boobies, asymmetrical boobies, 3 boobies...sky's the limit with plastic surgery these days. I really mean no offense, but as we march into the 21st century, the human body is slowly becoming whatever the hell we want it to be, and I find that fascinating.

On another note, are you worried you might get that feeling like "these aren't my boobs"? Do you have phantom boob syndrome? Do you miss your boobs?

The closest analogue I could think for men is losing their testicles, but besides some hormones, slap in some neuticles and we're good to go. They aren't really apart of our body image. As long as something is in the bag, it's all good.

TL;DR I guess what I'm asking is, how would you try to translate what you've gone through and what you're going through to booby-lovin' man-speak? And what would you like men to know about the experience?

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What would you say to people who just show up to the park? Who's gonna stop anyone?

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Dude, Arkham Horror is the shit. It's not that hard to learn, it just takes a long time to play (3-5 hours, depending on how many breaks you take). Stop by /r/ArkhamHorror if you need any tips.