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estate tax


It’s easy then, knowing this, to advocate for a nominally higher tax he’ll never pay.

Won't he be dead? I imagine that is a good way to not pay tax, regardless of how many attorneys you have.

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Are you in touch with Louis Rossman?

How do you feel about his efforts in enacting 'right to repair' laws? If you agree with 'right to repair', what are you doing to help further this effort?

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Looks like we killed it :(

Here is a cache

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What are the reasons in non-Western countries?

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It follows Russian grammar in a way that can't be reproduced in English. By having 'object adjective noun' with no verb makes no sense in English, but in Russian you can form this thought with no verb by connecting the noun and adjectives with grammar.

My Russian is very rusty, perhaps a native speaker can explain it better.