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Hello and thank you for doing this AMA. First, I want to let you know that my husband and I named our border collie Ingrid, after your mother! We're great admirers of her body of work and our last name is also Bergman, so we couldn't resist! (I'll admit it's good for a chuckle when we get a note from her vet telling us 'Ingrid Bergman is due for her rabies shot.') Here's our pup's picture: http://i.imgur.com/AMribkB.jpg

Now onto the actual our actual question: We just adore your 'Green Pornos' and highly recommend that everyone see them. Which was your favorite animal to dress up as and discuss their mating habits?

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Also not OP, and I will say that I've had a spinal fusion and don't have an issue with either missionary or doggy, so I don't think it's a hard rule for everyone. I think maintaining flexibility and the pain level both factor into it.

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Thank you! I read an article once about how you were a dog lover yourself and were helping to raise a puppy intended to be a guide dog. You'd fit right in here at reddit!

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Does your organization have any concerns that perhaps write-ins for Gil Fulbright will have an affect on the extremely tight Senate race in Kentucky? I can't imagine Grimes' people are too fond of all this.

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I'm a social worker, and although I don't work with CPS/DFS, I have a lot of friends that do. In your opinion, what can we do, as a community of social workers, to improve the treatment parents and children receive when we're brought into these situations?