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I sleep less than two hours a night, in 15-20 minute segments. I'm often awake for several days at a time without any at all. I had one sleep study that was said to be "useless" because I didn't sleep. Do you see this often? Any suggestions? (I have Ehlers-Danlos and Chiari.)

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I came to ask the same thing. My 18 year had a legal name change earlier this year, two days before SS offices closed. Now he can't get his card, driver's license, insurance, or register to vote.

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Thank you! Yes, POTS came with the EDS. I moved recently and will definitely ask about this when I get set up with a new med crew here.

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I was hoping so but they said otherwise when I called in. But the person seemed to not be paying attention whatsoever. I will try again, thank you!!

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That is helpful! Thanks!