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I am so glad to have never experienced this, though I did wake up during a retroparitaneal lymphadectomy. Standard procedure is to tape the eyes shut so they don't dry out, and you're on a respirator of course, but the tape wasn't on tight enough so I was able to get one eye open.

Kind of a mindfuck to look down and see your intestines unspooled onto the gurney next to you. Thankfully I was numbed up quite well, so as soon as one of the nurses saw me wink at her I was knocked back out. Anesthesia is a weird thing. Some people are less susceptible than others, and that can make it difficult for the anesthesiologist to knock you deep enough and keep you there safely.

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Yeah. There was an AMA by a guy about a year ago. He had been working with a tractor and basically had his legs pulled apart so far that his pelvis and stomach was ripped in half. Kind of like a wishbone snapping.

He was only around 16 when it happened, and when he was taken to the hospital (low chances of survival due to trauma and blood loss), his parents told the doc to do whatever was necessary to maximize the chances of survival. That meant he underwent the repair surgery completely paralyzed but with no anesthesia or pain medication.

Somehow he retained his sanity. I have no idea how.

There is just some shit you'd rather be asleep for or die instead. I know what you mean, and I'm sorry you went through this. Were it me in that position I'd be going doctor hunting, but then again I'm probably more than a little psychotic. I have no idea how a rational person would respond.

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Are there any characteristics of these Blue Zones which are less social and more environmental? Temperature averages and ranges? Elevation? Humidity? Rainfall patterns? Soil pH? Flora and fauna?

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So it's a one-stop shop for a crazed Rambo. Good to know.

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I'm glad to find things about writers who didn't become famous as writers and learn that yes indeed other people dislike them too.