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Thank you for your question! Making this film was both traumatic and therapeutic, but mostly the latter. Making a conscious choice to address the situation head on was terrifying, but it also made me feel empowered because I was dealing with it the way I wanted to and not simply letting the waves of grief wash over me on their terms.

There were many, many times where I considered scrapping the film. I really enjoyed the production aspect of it and visiting with some of the most integral people from Alice's life, but sitting alone in the edit room with the footage was another story. Luckily, my good friend and wonderful editor Meredith Mantik took up the reigns on the editorial side and that partnership did the film so much good. We have a close enough friendship that she was able to parse out what was most important to me, but she also was able to make so many beautiful decisions that I never would have been able to see because I'm just too close to it. With the support of Meredith, my right hand man Joe Raffa, and my family I was able to make a film I am really proud of and also make a lot of progress in my struggle with the grief simultaneously.

I hope that is helpful. Thank you for your interest!

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Alice was my little sister who was murdered 8 years ago. She was a brilliant, light-hearted, beautiful young lady and she is dearly missed.

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The murders happened across the country from me, so I no longer feel like I am in peril (also, thankfully YES the perpetrators are incarcerated for life without parole). However, when the murders first occurred, we had no idea who had done it or why. That did make me wonder if I should disappear for a while. Maybe somebody was after our family. But thankfully that never came to fruition. It was an isolated incident.

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I feel that. Getting people to do anything for free these days can be such a challenge! But I think you're on the right track. Create as often as you can. I would steer you onto the path of quality over quantity ultimately, but sometimes you just have to get the camera in your hands and put in the hours that it takes to feel like you really have a handle on your craft.It could also be beneficial to be that person for other filmmakers that you want to attract yourself. Volunteer to help others with their projects. Be reliable. You never know who you'll impress and who could end up helping you out in a large or small way down the road. Film school is really just an accelerated connections maker between like minded people so if you work hard enough to hone your skills and make meaningful connections with other filmmakers, you are well on your way.