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It was a pleasure knowing you /u/RunDNA

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the gaza strip is tiny, and the rockets are being fired from hospital roofs, school yards, etc. There isn't a "rocket launching base"... And these are small rockets you can keep under your bed. it's not as easy as you think.

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Important to note that MANY of these positions are hired for the 4-8 month period the Mercy is in country from locals, and it's possible for them to acquire permanent positions as well. They're all paid well over local scale while employed, so it's good for the economy as well as the medical needs of the country.

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So why the "fake" names? Why not use your real names or names that at least sound like they COULD be real names if it's for privacy. . . I doubt anyone has a birth certificate that says "J-splif" for example.

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Follow on question, with single payer and government set prices, how do you maintain the world's highest rate of medical research?