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I would say that EVE Online has the best economy. By far. It's an older game, but the economy in it is real in so many ways. Trading markets are so realistic, and the tools they give you to analyze trends are just amazing. If you're an econ geek, or a business nerd, you must play EVE.

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People who say that money loss in EVE isn't real, I would say, should reflect on how they would feel if they accidentally flushed a $20,000 diamond down the toilet. To them, perhaps, a diamond isn't worth anything. But the fact that other people value it, makes it necessarily valuable to us all. The fact is, players put incredible amounts of time and thought into their game assets. They enjoy those assets. Wiping them out is like destroying a diamond. It hurts; economic value is truly destroyed.

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Funny. I love it.

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I would not invest in any coin at the moment. I don't like risky investments at all. All cryptocoins are risky at the moment and, from 60,000 feet, they do not show enough signs of better or worse right now. It's like social network software in 2005. Would you bet on MySpace, Friendster, or Orkutt? It turned out that Facebook was the winner.

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I think the funniest forms of currency aren't in games, they're in real life. On Yap, a Pacific Island, the money is in the form of these great big stones. Beaver pelts were once money in Finland. (And might still be money in Northern Michigan). (I can make that joke because my family is from there.)