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I'm sure this plans to remain a web app, but have you thought about porting it to a desktop program? Seems like it would be easier to integrate in to people's workflows, with the ability to open files with photopea, and ability to use offline.

Can you support yourself with the ad revenue?

Do you have other similar projects planned?

Thanks! The .psd file support is amazing. And amazing it is better than the work of all the people at GIMP. You're amazing!

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Should we be more skeptical of rushed COVID vaccines, or should we expect similar safety as traditional vaccine development?

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We understand you are trying to minimize risks, but what are some worst case scenarios?

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Yeah, it's just a classic AMA non answer.

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Jimmy, when are you going to play nintendo games on Node again? I'm really nostalgic for those videos.

Just kidding, good luck with Venn!