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I think I first heard about you from Zero Waste Chef, Anne Marie, a little under a year ago and have been inspired by your activism ever since! Do you think you would have been able to do a year of growing and foraging 100% of your food if you were in northern US states? If so, how would it have looked differently?

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Oh great! It makes sense that you would start at a more manageable climate. I'd love to hear about your experiences doing a similar project up north! I don't really know of anyone that depends on all or most of what they grow/find in northern regions. I'm sure they're out there. It would especially be interesting to learn about food storage over colder months.

I'd like to be completely dependent on local food and self-sourced food in the future. It just takes one person at a time to make a change! Thanks again for your intentional living and inspiration to others!

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I think I remember he foraged it from the ocean

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And I now that I remember, I first heard about you from Kenton at ReWildUniversity on YouTube. It's great to have so many positive connections!