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I've been to a WWDTM show, and there was a tie going into the last round. You said you flipped a coin, but no such event occurred, at least to the public. So my question is, do you flip a coin in some secret lair apart from the show, or is this really an NPR conspiracy to award the most ridiculous set of questions to Mo Rocca?

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No question, just wanted to say thank you, and to keep doing what you're doing, especially on campaign finance.

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Today, you refered to Chained CPI as "Correcting the CPI". Is there any difference? And can you explain your position on thie further?

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You've spoken often on the podcast about your previously-held anti-gay marraige views. I was hoping you could elaborate on them, and perhaps explain why you felt that way.

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No question, just want to say that I've been reading you for years, and consider your writing on ACA and in general completely indispensable.