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We've never lost a deal by negotiating or red lining it for safety, and you shouldn't be afraid of that.

You should make this your slogan. It's amazing how people are afraid of negotiating, especially when it comes to their talent. They never feel they're good enough to deserve an offer, so they worry that negotiating might piss off the offering party.

Of course you do see it the other way too. Like when you're trying to be helpful and offer the neighborhood kid $20 bucks to mow your small lawn, and they say they can't be bothered for less than $50, lol.

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Ah, so it was 30 days in a row, but not continuous. OK, you probably won't need to answer my question about pooping.

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Kudos. I came here expecting some BS app but instead got something truly unique.

As a tech guy, I would have given you dozens of strongly-worded reasons why this is a stupid idea and why it wouldn't work (and I'm generally a pie-in-the-sky optimist).

What helped keep you on your path, especially when you ran into difficulties and had friends saying "I told you it wouldn't work"?

And as a followup, how did you get critical mass of users, enough to where it looks cool in an arena?

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Holy shit! I am SO looking forward to this. Should be an awesome interview. Rob does a great job.

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This should be an easy one to get answered.