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Nina, I suspect that disinformation campaigns work because people are overloaded with information, and disinformation campaigns simplify complex issues, thereby getting more airtime.

Now if you come along and say "I've got a 300 page document that outlines a strategy for investigating misleading information," will you not just get drowned out in the clammering voices?

I guess my question is, how do we simplify this? How do you encourage people to "stay with you" as you carefully spell things out? The attention span out there is zero right now!

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Thanks for the response! Public broadcasting is indeed a good thing. The corporate versions of mainstream media can be bought and sold, and therefore manipulated. If people don't want fake news, they need public journalism. I think it's the only way some people can trust media at this point.

What about public social media? I suppose the cbc has a great presence in my country(Canada), but forums and other social media platforms are all corporate. Maybe it's time for NPR, CBC, BBC, etc to create the new Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. Trust is becoming the biggest factor in this stuff..

Anyway, thanks for taking the time!

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Non-partisan bodies would regulate it. Of course it will have bias from time to time, but assuming you have a democracy, it should work. The USA is a borderline dictatorship right now, but in normal times, the two parties share power in courts, committees, regulation bodies etc.

Yes, it could still be hijacked, like any system, but no more than the corporate news stations can be easily bought(especially if you have a few billion lying around).

Public social networking should be a top priority for functioning democracies right now. Just my opinion.

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But isn't talking about him as though he weren't here, as though he were some sort of specimen, worse for his mental health? So many questions.

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Alienated Dad here. Daughter is lost to me, it's been a year and a half now. My son and I do well, couple visits a week. The ex is an "alleger," and the courts seem fine with that, they give her everything she wants. In the middle of a trial, she suddenly announces that she's decided to homeschool the kids, without my consent (I have schooling rights, but they might as well be written on toilet paper). Judge is fine with that. I hate this system, it will take my kids years or decades to get over this crap!

For the record, I was a social worker when my court stuff started, university-educated-never-harmed-a-soul-no-addiction kind of guy. They still gave her a restraining order on a quick ex parte trial, and I had to use my COWORKERS as supervisors for the two years while I tried to get out from under that legal mess. In the end? They said it had no merit, but it doesn't matter, my daughter will never see me as a good father again.

So while there are so many women who can't get a away from abusers, there are just as many men who cannot convince this world that they didn't rob a bank.

I feel sympathy for the OP, she is trying to pick up some real broken situations. Its way too late in my case, but hopefully, she can help others.