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EatTheBiscuitSam3 karma

Is journalistic integrity the answer to fabricated digital media? And if so, is there any way of applying pressure to the worldwide media companies?

I feel we are quite quickly heading to a time when all media can be digitally fabricated to a point that people loose the ability to distinguish what is real. This may be as dangerous to everyone's society as climate change is to our survival on the planet.

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Have you investigated any bacteria that could have a symbiotic relationship with mycelium?

If oyster mushrooms break down the raw oils, is there a better bacteria that would feed on the broken down components and make a more efficient solution.

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Might be out of your wheelhouse.

Why do I have to take a pill and wait 45 minutes for pain to subside? Why can I hit a ibuprofen inhaler a time or two and then get back to functioning without a headache?

EatTheBiscuitSam2 karma

With a telescope would it be better to have a larger reflector or a larger sensor?

The James Webb Space Telescope has a reflector with a collection area of 25 square meters, would it be better to have a sensor that size instead?

EatTheBiscuitSam1 karma

Wouldn't a large sensor receive just as much light as the reflector and with digital manipulation wouldn't it be able to combine all detected photons?

I don't know the specifics of weight, but from a cost level you could cover the entire refector of the JWST with Pixel 5 camera sensors for around $3 million and that is ebay pricing.