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IMHO, this deal was reached when Chris Christie was one of the first major candidate to come out for Trump. I would place the odds at 70% chance so I guess my conviction is not as UNU.

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I have no idea why someone would down vote you. People don't realize that when a language dies that a unique world view dies with it.

My grandfather spoke Jèrriais so I have an affinity but not the ability for keeping languages alive. I guess you can call me hypocritical or lazy for not learning the language but I still regret not working harder at the language.

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When did you leave the USSR?
How did you manage to get the resources to leave?
Did you leave the USSR legally or illegally? Do you still have family in the Ukraine? Where any of your children involved in the Great Patriotic War?

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Do you think NASA should engage in a big project like the Apollo or the space shuttle? If so what should that next big project be? I've heard proposals that we should be trying to build a space station at one of the Lagrange points instead of trying to get to Mars or back to the Moon. NASA has had great success at smaller unmanned projects, less risk, not putting all of the money into one project, etc...do you think that is a better way to go?

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Honestly, a google search comes up with some reasonable hits: