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Thanks for the answer! Homeworld has been one of my favorite franchises since high school. Alas, the I'll have to wait and see on the Linux side, as much as I'd like to say it's to support Linux Gaming, in this case it's more that I do all my Development and Systems stuff in Linux and can't justify a $50 game I may only log into Windows to play once a week. Maybe I'll get it if it works well in WINE.

As for Steam Link - it's pretty awesome! Use it anytime my wife and I play local co-op games together. Thinking about getting a second one for tinkering/development purposes. Valve's Steam Link SDK includes the C code for the custom Kernel it uses, as well as all the 3rd Party Source code, OpenGL ES/SDL2/QT example code, and SSH instructions - which is tinkering gold in my eyes, lol.

Thanks for the answer and keep all the good work up! (and crossing fingers for an eventual Linux/SteamOS version)

EagleDelta12 karma

What is your stance on Linux/SteamOS development and Valve's Goals with Steam Machines?

Is it something that Blackbird Interactive is interested in taking part in or are you waiting to see how it all plays out?

Also, will you be utilizing the Vulkan tools once they are released or are you going to stick exclusively to DirectX and/or OpenGL?

Finally, are there any plans to revive the space side of the Homeworld Franchise or, perhaps, a game the spans both Space and Planetside?