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Depends on how you define crazy.

If you mean funny crazy, that would be the very drunk gay guy who hit on me constantly for a 20 minute ride (I'm straight). The whole time he was also showing me a picture on his phone of his "boyfriend". I wasn't really looking because driving, but I realized later that it was actually an NFL quarterback.

If you mean WTF crazy, I had a guy one time who was dead silent for about 10 minutes. Then all of a sudden "this must be scary for you guys" and he went on until his house to talk about how easy it would be for a pax to rob their driver (while also assuring "but I'm not gonna rob you bro")

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The last month (when I've been working the most steady hours), about $300

Over my whole time as a driver, probably about the same average, but with much more variation (I'm paid weekly and have had checks ranging from $80 to over $400).

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It has its pros and cons.

Pros- W2, no self-employment tax, reimbursement for vehicle expenses

Cons- reclassification potentially means giving up the benefits of making your own hours, loss of commission based pay (that could be a pro for some- drivers keep 80% of gross fares. For some that could mean making less than minimum wage. As employees we'd be guaranteed minimum, but that could also mean uber eliminating commission and just paying minimum).

I know that doesn't really answer what is basically a yes or no question, but really the best answer I can give is that I'm not entirely sure

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Mind if I ask where you drive? and how many hours ="hard core"? Big city, suburban or rural?

I'm primarily in a rural university town- 99% of my rides are students.

Occasionally I will venture to the nearest major city, where I likely could see similar earnings, but with greater expenses and some benefits of a rural setting lost (no free parking, hard to find bathrooms, proximity to my house.)

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As shown on the dashboard, the top shows my last 7 days, which is any trips, anytime in that period. (50 trips, ~$220). Anytime a dollar amount is labeled "Fare", that is the gross fare- what is charged to the passenger. Of that, I'll keep 80%-$1.60.

The four individual trips that are shown cover a period of less than 2 hours.

Uber recently cut our rates, but did introduce "Guarantees". For certain high demand times of day (basically rush hour and weekend nights), I am guaranteed approximately $13/hr (net) as long as I meet certain minimum average trips/hour requirements.

So for the $220 gross shown over the last 7 days, I'll actually take home closer to $300.

In the area where I primarily work, most of my trips are very short (minimum fare), but there are a lot of them- usually back to back all night. I prefer this over fewer, longer trips, as the meter is almost always running (as opposed to waiting for fares, wasting time and gas). I also don't mind bad pax as much with these trips, as they'll be out of my car in 5 minutes or less.