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He's being investigated by the state medical board, and I am also going to sue him for medical malpractice, that process is ongoing, and I also want the police to investigate and put him in jail because he did all these surgeries on my sinuses against my will, intentionally against my will.

I was down on my luck at the time and he had the impression that I was a poor uneducated person who he could do whatever he wanted too and so he bypassed the informed consent process and did a bunch of surgeries against my will. [Edit: this is theoretical empathization of a person's motives, a person who intetionally does unnecessary surgery on people against their will, also I had insurance and did lots of research on in-network doctors].

He is a predator who is also a child-surgeon. What he did to me is the crime of "surgical battery" and it's a felony and he should serve jail time and lose his license. I am working with what limited energy I have so make sure 1) I get justice, 2) he takes responsibility for his actions, and 3) the public is safe.

I have considered killing myself, I think everyone has, how seriously people consider it is different for every person every time they do. I think about death a lot because this disease will probably kill me, if I can't cure it.

I am making peace with it and communicating to my friends and family the seriousness of this pathology, and how statistically a high number of ENS patients die within a few years of onset. I'm in my 30's.

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I talked with three specialist about how to improve my breathing. I moved to Hawaii after that time, and decided to have the surgery I had planned for 5 years, called an alar batten graft.

So, I did a lot of research on possible physicians and based on all of Dr. O'Donnell's stated credentials online, much of which turned out to be false advertising, I decided to have surgery with him, and a co-surgeon Dr. Susan Tan. Who he said was there, even though I never met her, and who he later said was there to give him "moral support" but not do anything.

This surgery I requested was very straight-forward. I told him my previous diagnosis, and medical history, and requested the specific surgery I had planned for five years. He agreed and then, remarkably, he did different surgery cutting out huges pieces of my nose and sinuses giving me this disease.

The original condition was nasal valve collapse, and I used breathe-right strips to alleviate it. The entire surgery was my idea when I presented it to the surgeon, and he agreed. If he didn't agree I would have gone with someone else, but he agreed to the specific surgery and then he did different surgeries when I was sedated. It was incredible horror that I cannot adequately communicate to you.

Another persone intentionally amputating super-critical breathing organs inside of your body against your will is a horror I wish on no one. But the doctor that operated on me for hours does this. He is now being investigated by the state medical board but he is a very slithery guy so hopefully the medical board can catch him. They have more than enough evidence.

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Thanks, I appreciate the thoughts. I'm spending a lot of time sleeping and not really moving, just reducing my pain as much as possible.

I'm also researching and trying to find an honest physician to help, I would love to find a skilled and honest physician with knowledge and intelligence and specialty training to help me achieve some minimum level of functionality.

I tried talking to one after the initial injury but he spent the whole time immediately trying to talk me into other surgeries that had nothing to do with my condition. I was horrified to realize he didn't care about me and just wanted to get me sedated and do more surgery, surgical procedures I looked up and they had no credible scientific studies backing them.

There are people who become surgeons but not because they want to help people. I don't talk to him anymore but I have changed insursnce so that I can try to find someone that might be able to help me, but it's been a challenge trying to find one.

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Thank you, that means a lot to me that you are telling me a place you believe might be able to help. I believe I can get help, I can find people with the right skill and who are willing to help, so recommendations like this are going to help me accomplish that. Thank you again.

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Yeah, generally purple ones more than green. And grapes are a pretty bomb side dish for a lot of things, also they go great in salads, which I don't think a lot of people do, but I recommend it.