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How was it going from flying the SR-71 to flying the MD-80? Did you ever feel slow as it took you hours to cross a couple states? And wearing a shirt and tie versus the suit you wore in the SR-71.

Also is it true they kept the SR-71 cockpit cooled to freezing? Was it uncomfortably cold?

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As part of your check ride did you have to do turns around a point? What point did you choose? Lake Michigan? Maui?

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What do you look at first?

What makes a candidate interesting?

Do you ever surprise yourself letting in a candidate? In what way?

Do you often decide before you have reviewed their whole application?

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Do you think Zim will ever be a safe and enjoyable place to live?

Just this past year we gave up with the dream of moving back there - my family owned a tobacco farm since the 70s. We lost that in the land reform, and ended up buying my Aunt an apartment in Harare. She died a few years ago but we decided to keep the apartment, mainly because we all wanted to retire to Zim. We didn't need the money, but this past year sold the apartment as we decided Zim will never be a place we could go and enjoy. Really sad, as it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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What did you do to pass the time up there?

While I am sure it was a neat experience, did it grow old and you found yourself wanting to fly something that has short missions, no funny suits, and had decent landing characteristics.