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In the news article someone posted where you’re interviewed, it says you knew you’d have to have surgeries down the road regardless. If you don’t mind me asking, what would those have been for? And will you still have to get them now?

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Are you involved with any organizations to raise awareness about any of the things you went through?

Really blown away by your story though. You’re an incredibly strong person & should be proud of all you’ve survived.

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It’s great to hear you were able to be a match for your aunt! Would you have still donated if you weren’t compatible? (Where you both go on a different list to match to someone who you are compatible with - I can’t remember what the specific name of the list is)

Edit: paired exchange program!

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I had a septoplasty done on a 95% deviated septum almost two years ago & the healing process was not bad at all (in my opinion). It was my first & only surgery (not counting wisdom teeth) and I found it pretty manageable.