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You can open cans by rubbing them on asphalt.

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That was almost always the case in my time as an OOD. Bridge wing lookouts are a huge boon.

But it seems like one of the biggest factors here was the terrible environment and decision making by the CO. The inability to assess that transit as exceedingly difficult and needing a seasoned bridge team.

The next major problem s the OOD. She was grossly negligent in her duties. When you lose the bubble, you call the old man. When ships get within his standing order's window, you call the old man. If you're too scared, to bad. You can also call the TAO, CICWO, NAV and any number of other people who are all highly qualified to do this job. She did none of these things. She then proceeded to do the exact WRONG thing, and Turned in the ONE direction you are NEVER SUPPOSED TO TURN.

It was tragic. I have been in her exact situation multiple times. I called the Old Man and let him know the contact picture was too sense for safe navigation within his standing orders and the planned route. He came to the bridge, saw the scene. And agreed. Multiple times.

Bridge wing lookouts help. But that is like saying using blinkers stops a collision when there's a sixteen year old driver, in rush hour traffic, on the interstate, while her dad is asleep in the back seat. Yep, blinkers help, but that ain't the problem.

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You can open cans by rubbing the tops on asphalt.

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Not if it doesn't feor the crosses