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EDHGod1 karma

A decentralized social media network is not an effective social media network. The very system you oppose is what allows you to broadcast your message to the extent that you do. Basically, if we regress social media networks to decentralized, closed media sessions, eventually either the model will fail due to lack of participation, or expand to what you fight against, due to participation.

I just don't see a situation in which social media could maintain the model in which you describe while still being enticing to the masses.

EDHGod1 karma

I understand your stance, but in my opinion, the philosophy gets muddled by the vehicle in which it's delivered. It's akin to proposing gun reform by using guns to force legislation through. That's why grassroots efforts exist. To circumvent the traditional means of message delivery.

To put it in relevant context, if I saw a Facebook post asking people to boycott Facebook, I would laugh at the irony, and then proceed to ignore the message.

Change probably won't happen in this manner, as the people who would hear the message are already keyed into the system, and those that wouldn't hear it probably aren't even using social media to the extent required to participate in said boycott.