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EBear172 karma

As someone who has struggled with his faith since a sudden and traumatic diagnosis of type 1 diabetes several years ago, where do I start?

I feel like this life is somewhat meaningless, but not necessarily in a nihilistic way. I went from being a devout believer to “maybe there is something.”

I don’t pray anymore, and even as a child I felt like my prayers went nowhere. But oddly enough I still want my child raised in the church, when/if my wife conceives because of Pascal’s Wager and all. For many years my life verse was Mark 5:36.

I just spiritually have no where to go and it’s an odd feeling. The idea of calling myself an atheist feels, to me, immoral and wrong. But at the same time I have little to no faith in anything.

I know that was all a ramble, but where the hell should I start?

EBear172 karma

Appreciate your time and consideration. I hope your family is healthy and safe this Christmas.