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Ruined..... Ruined....

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Lorin I've got a pretty quick question for you here, before I ask I wanted to say thanks for doing this.

Who is it laughing and talking in the beginning of one of your songs, I'm pretty sure the person say's "It's all like WAAAAHHHHH!" and then you mixed it and it went back to "It's all like" and then you put that on repeat and started the song. I wish I knew the name of the song but I don't :/

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In fact, it makes their argument of wages even worse. Because, you know, waitress.

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Totally fanboy-ing out right now, thank you so much for anwering me :DDDDDDDD

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Yeah but saying that pretty much admits that you have. If you really hadn't you would've just said no.... I'm not trying to convince you to tell the story btw.