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Thank you man! It's nice asking someone unbiased I've been so worried asking this to anyone. And I had no idea on who to ask lol. But thanks bro. Really set my mind at ease.

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This is a mushroom question

So I accidentally found myself In a cult. Basically I followed bc I had free lsd at my leasure with them. One time they gave me mushrooms. They were stemmy and small capped. The cap was just Abit larger than the stem. I remmeber them saying like "or I remember when I took mushrooms when i had no idea what they were" trying to stimulate me into having a horrible trip.

Well, I had a horrible trip. Almost death like. My question is, are there any cult shrooms people take? Or were they really magic mushrooms and they just suggested me into having a trip where I felt like I was dying and being controlled by people?....

This shit bothers me and if I can find some sort of cult mushrooms I can look at their long term effects and reverse engineer some sort of cure with myself.

Do shrooms stay in my brain forever? Because I feel like I've been straining the fuck out of my brain trying to think really hard since that.

So... Are there mushrooms that simulate dying or was it normal shrooms and alot of cult suggesting...