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Dennis is asshole. Why Charlie hate?

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At least you're living up to your username.

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While you're at it, could you explain the "slow blinking" thing, too?

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So, i understand where you're coming from. And I am glad for you and your wife that BCH was able to help her. A child's life should be worth saving.

But did you read anything about Justina's case? Holy shit. Assuming you didn't, let me hit you with the highlights:

decline in her health began when an unlicensed resident, seven months out of medical school, and a non-MD psychologist challenged her mitochondrial disease diagnosis and therapies.

For over a year, a renowned professional had been successfully treating both Justina and her older sister for this usually genetic condition known to run in families.

When the new and comparatively inexperienced staff asked Justina’s parents for approval to stop various essential mito therapies, they fearfully refused and tried to bring her to her normal specialist at a competing hospital across the city. However, Boston Children’s wouldn’t take no for an answer and reported Justina’s family to state authorities for “medical child abuse,” starting a controversial legal process some of the hospital staff refer to as a “parentectomy.”

They claimed that the existing treatments treatments were unnecessary, invasive, harmful, and therefore abusive. Even though they spoke to her diagnosing physician across town, Boston Children’s doctors were quoted on a sworn affidavit saying they, “do not know where the parents picked up the [mito] diagnosis...”

BCH won the case, got her separated from her parents, and then proceeded to ruin this child's health.

From there, Justina’s painkillers, heart medications, even prescriptions for her brain and multi-vitamins were stopped, she was left in agony, locked in an allegedly abusive psych ward, and only allowed brief, supervised, and censored contact with her family. Without her vital therapies, her condition declined over the next sixteen months; her gums receded, her hair fell out, her legs swelled, and she lost all feeling below her hips.

Now, that being said, I'm not defending what Martin did. He made his choice, and he has to suffer the consequences, as well all do every day.

But, the BCH donations page suffered some outages during a fundraiser, and this guy went to jail (and you're now threatening to fuck his wife). Justina lost the use of her legs, and the person who did that is still practicing medicine on children. What if that was your wife or your daughter?

I understand your personal motivation here. But, go read all the facts and then see if you still feel the same.

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You, or I, or OP, are not medically trained professionals and we are simply not qualified to judge these "Facts".

Yet, in your OP you clearly are defending BCH. All I'm saying is, the facts (no quotation marks) of this particular case are not so simple.

My daughters health is only my business until she is 18

Dude, exactly. That's the biggest thing here in my opinion. BCH took this family's decision making capabilities away from them. I understand that this is warranted is certain instances, but (in my opinion) it does not appear to be warranted here.

This family had no recourse but to watch their daughter, who had been successfully receiving treatment, start withering away to the point of being paralyzed. Because BCH and the courts decided that the parents did not know what was best for their child.

If it was my daughter, and I was in that situation, I would want help however I could get it. 30 year old twerps and all. That's all I'm saying.

And this guy, admittedly, did not really help. He did everything he could out of sense of empathy for the girl, but it didn't really stop anything. And he temporarily interrupted donations to BCH. That's it. Didn't disrupt hospital operations, did not cause harm to any patients. He was trying to bring awareness to a situation and say "Fuck you" to BCH and cause harm to no one in the process. And now he's in jail.

So, I say again, if it was your daughter. And your rights as a parent had been removed by the state. Wouldn't you want help however you could get it?

You don't have to respond. Like I said earlier, I completely understand your original viewpoint. But if it was me. If it was my daughter. I would be sending this dude cookies every week in jail.

Now, can we ever know his true motivations? No. Did he act recklessly? Maybe. Does he deserve to be rotting in jail and have his career thrown in the trash? And have his wife impregnated and cell mates paid off to harm him? All for what? Trying to help a defenseless teenager?

That's all I'm saying man.